We offer a wide variety of services.

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Here is a list of services we offer:

OTR Install to vent boot $150
HOOD FAN Install under 300 CFM $130
WALL OVEN To existing power supply $200
COOKTOP To existing power supply $150
WATER LINE Fridge line to connection shut off $150
WASHER ONLY Laundry Install Washer $75
DRYER ONLY Laundry Install Dryer $75
SIDE BY SIDE LAUNDRY Install side by side $120
STACKED LAUNDRY Does not include stacking kit $140
GAS LINE Install from Kitchen / Laundry Room to Range or Dryer $300
GAS CONVERSION Conversion from Natural Gas to LP $120
FREIGHT Fuel Surcharge Per Stop $50
CHANGE HANDLE Fridge Door Swing $25
UNCRATE & PLACE Uncrate & Place Appliance $30
UNCRATE & PLACE + REMOVAL Uncrate & Place Appliance + Removal of old unit $55
DOOR REMOVAL Removal of an appliance door or any door in unit to complete delivery $50
APPLIANCE REMOVAL Remove for recycling $50
SERVICE CALL BACK Missed installation / unable to complete due to existing plumbing, electrical or cabinet issue $100
REDELIVERY When we arrive to deliver or install and the unit is not ready $100
LOANER APPLIANCE Monthly charge for a loaner, install is extra $50
RE-STOCKING FEE 20% of the value of the merchandise being returned 20%

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